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The Map of the World

As you can see the Map of this world is based on Pangaea, much of the world is warmer on average than our Earth, the Polar ice caps are not permanent and the costal weather is more violent. Category 5-6 Hurricanes, Typhoons, and tornadoes are not uncommon. Each region on the Map is considered a Continent based on the distinct cultural divides and environments.






This region is more like 1880’s Steam-punk mixed with the Roman Empire than anything you have seen before – Gunslingers are a common class of law enforcement in this region. Apparently humans rule the land under the Authority of his Lord the Emperor. All non-Humans are born into slavery unless they agree to become gladiators. As winning gladiators they can earn the right to personal freedom. Oddly most freed Slaves Marry slaves, which causes their children to be born as slave, although there are exceptions to this.

The Principle economy of the UDE is Agriculture; however they produce more food than is necessary on an order of magnitude high enough to feed 100 times the apparent global population. Most of which is shipped to the capital city.
 Remmes: at the midpoint of the Ippississim River is the Capital City is about one thousand square miles, surrounded by an impenetrable magic shield; no one may enter the city unless invited by the Emperor himself. There is only one way in and it requires going by train. The Food Trains run every hour in and out of the city. These trains are 10 miles long. And usually have room for a thousand passengers. Also a noticeable feature of the city which can be seen from as far as two thousand miles away is the great sky tower. It is believed to reach in to the heavens above the atmosphere. (This city requires an additional Module for high level campaigns.)
 Laonduras: Metropolitan city on the East Coast (1880s London)
 Sirene: Trade city at the Ippississim rivers mouth (1880s New Orleans)


This is the land of the blood gods; the peoples who live here have ancient ways, and are unconquerable by anyone. Outside of the region little is known about who and what lives here, it is mostly jungle and mountain ranges.

Some of the important features are the Great Serpent River which is close to a hundred miles wide and makes the border between this land and the region to the east. The other important river is the Amozzidus River which Leeds directly to the heart of the jungle, at the junction of the two rivers, it is called the Devil and the Serpent Sea.
The main known societies are the Toltechs, Meyan, Azmodi, and the noble Inkans.
 Teltek: in the North Closest to the UDE, they are the Human Tribe, based on old Mexico.
 Meyan: are a Gnome tribe based on Mayans.
 Azomodi: are a troll tribe based on Amazon tribes.
 Inkans: are Silvan Elves based on Incans.


Odds are you’re a monotheist and very faithful if you’re from here.

An interesting land of sandy deserts and highly religious cultures, they claim the right to being the homeland of the legendary Golden Emperor who once made the world a paradise until the black emperor banished him from the world. The land can be divided into city state kingdoms each one believes in a unique version of the belief of the Golden Emperor or the J God.
Notable groups and kingdoms:
 Ptolemaic Kingdom: on the East Coast alongside the Nimble River. (think Classical Egypt mixed with 1880s steam punk)
 Zensunni Wanderers: Are a nomadic group of people who live in the deep desert. (think Bediem of Saudi Arabia)
 Achaemenid Empire: who have a strictly controlled religious based kingdom, where mages are locked up in mage towers, and people are supervised in their daily lives by the church. Oh and the majority of the population is Dragonoid. (This is the strictest theocracy on the Planet.)
 The Parliamentary Democratic Nation of Solomon: on the West Coast, it is a Major trade city, and even though it is technically the religious capital of the region, it is an open democratic nation which strives to be modern and a leader in commerce and trade. (think modern Israel without all the conflict of the middle east.)


This region is the worst nightmare of most people in the world.

To the west closest to the Serpent River you find jungles and open plains with wild animals, much like Africa before colonization happened. But once you get inland you find the life is literally been ripped from the land. Everything is dry and burned out mimics of life. On the East the largest Pirate City can be found, it is considered the Pirate capital of the world. Somewhere in the middle of the mountains is the legendary Citadel of the Dragon King, most rumors say he is a Litch Dragon, but none know for certain.
Noted Groups:
 West Jungles and Plains:
o Nguni people: Orc Clan of Warriors (think Zulu)
o Nubia: Elvish Civilization (North Central African tribe, also made Pyramids)
o Oromoo Kingdom: Human Civilization (the Oldest Human Culture on the Planet)
 Central and East Region:
o The Undead: Yah that’s about it, everything here is undead. They raid any travelers, and attack the Deserts and Plain areas often. Oh the undead leave the Pirate City alone, no one knows why.


This was once the Penal Colony of the UDE, it is now an independent and freedom loving land.
This land is a lot like Modern Australia, even with 1880s steam punk technology it is indistinguishable from modern Australia it even has areas which look right out of mad max. The top two sports are Wrestling large reptilian monsters, and a team contact sport which requires getting drunk and fighting, there is an oddly shaped ball involved, which might be used for scoring.
Noted communities:
 Orc Service Marines Corps: Home of Operation and training, the largest mercenary force on the planet, and possibly the best fighters as well. (Think USMC lean green fighting machines, if by green they meant skin color.)
 Bartertown: a primary trade center near the Mouth of the Serpent River, it seems right out of a Mad Max film.
 Cindy: Capital City and most populated city with nearly 300,000 citizens. (Merge every Australian city into Cindy and you will get the Idea)
 Portsmith: On the top East corner, it is an important stop on the international trade routes. Noted for its breweries, and high quality wines.


With its many Islands it has been home to many a famous pirate, also it is one of the few places a person can get away from the influence of the UDE.

This dangerous sea is a Primary sea rout to access the center of the UDE, which makes it venerable to Pirates and raiders, though the Kingdom of Solomon and the UDE regularly patrol this region the numerous islands and independent city states on the islands make keeping order difficult.


Ocean and islands ruled by the mighty Sea Evles.
Home of the sea Elves and underwater Kingdoms


Many sea going Pirates and sea monsters live here, it is also a major trade rout.

Main trade route from the three dragons to the West


Two Moons Both are on a 28 day lunar cycle.
The Broken Mirror
The big Moon is called the broken mirror, or drunken eye. It is similar to our moon but it looks like it is covered in diamonds with a big round spot in the middle, and around this are cracks. The center of the circle always glows red even on a new moon, or red eye moon.

The Devils Wagon Wheel
The second moon which fallows the big moon by 4 hours every night is shaped like a white wagon wheel and this is what it is called, it never has phases, travelers at night usually wait for the light of this moon since it is always constant.

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