300~65 million years ago

  • Dragons Evolved as the first sapient race on the planet, their true origins date to the earliest period of Reptile dominance over the Earth, though related to Dinosaurs they are an Earlier breed who did not evolve the ability to regulate body temperature with Feathers and Hair, instead they evolved in such a way as to exploit the natural arcane energies which fill this alternate universe. These Early Dragons stopped the movement of the Earths plates, and created a network of interlocking trees which could regulate the flow of Magic on the planet.

3 million years ago

  • Humans evolved. Homo Sapien Sapien also known as Cro-Magnon man, was the first humanoid intelligence on the planet, from them came all the modern races. Humans were the second race to evolve the ability to make use of the planets natural magical field. At first dragons and the newly formed Gods to shaping and directing the growth and evolution of Humans, because of this many of the sub races evolved.

150,000 years ago

  • Almost from the start humans were tamed and taught by dragons, but around 150,000 years ago Humans strove to create its own true civilizations, each of the more populated human sub races managed its own lands free of direct intervention from the Dragons. No one is sure how this happened or why the dragons would separate themselves from human development, but it is one of the few ancient historical points everyone can agree, the dragons went to sleep and the Mortal races had to lead themselves.

8-7 thousand years ago

  • Age of reason, also more commonly known as the Golden Age. Around 8 thousand years ago two Brothers reshaped Mortal life, and brought about a period of high technology, Science, and knowledge on the Kardashev scale the Earth of that time reached a type 2 civilization. Sadly most of what was known from this time had been lost, and most of the current world religions reference this period as the time that heaven was on the Earth. The most common Religion Reverse one of the Brothers and vilifies the second one.

7 thousand years ago

  • The moment everything change, it came in a flash of released energy seen around the World, at one moment the world was prosperous and happy, the next moment one entire continent was flatted by a weapon attack, and war was unleashed throughout the planet. The cause and reasons for the War are unclear, but the sides became clear, to the North were the kingdoms of Elvin Magic under the protection of a great red dragon known as the Dragon Mother, and to the south was the might of human engineering under the Guidance of the twin brothers the Golden and Silver Emperors. These lines still exist in the continental sized confederacies of the Elvin Kingdoms, and the Untied Democratic Empire. Thou these are only two of the major regions of the planet, they traditionally stand as the forefront of ideological differences between science and magic.

7-2 thousand years ago

  • Age of War, At the start of the war, Both the Great Dragon Mother and the Golden Emperor were betrayed by the Silver Emperor, not much is known about the Betrayal but the lineage of the Silver Emperor stands in the UDE and the Might of the Platinum Emperor. During this Great War, every land was scorched, every person was conscripted in one way or another, by the high point of the war, even the World Tree was at risk of being consumed by the War. This more than anything may have been the reason why the Dragons stopped the war, and forced the Mortal races into a permanent truce. Under threat of extinction.

2 thousand years ago

  • The great dragon purge, at the apex of the war, and possibly the most destructive point in the war, every member of the Great Black Dragon flight took to wing and killed nearly 90% of all mortals. At the end of the culling the dragons informed the survivors that global war would never be tolerated again. They drafted a formal treaty for all sides to sign and went back to their mountains knowing that the mortals were bound to a set of laws which gave the Dragons the right to wipe anyone from the world if they did anything remotely similar to total global war again. This didn’t stop wars, but it forced the leadership factions in each region to never allow large scale wars again. The aftermath of the Great War and the Dragon purge, most knowledge was lost, everything from science to magic had to be relearned, even agriculture for the most part had to be rediscovered. Only one thing survived the war and culling and is the capital city of the UDE. Even though the great sky needle can be seen from a thousand miles away, and 90% of the worlds crops go there, nothing of what is in that city is known outside of it, even the closest communities are in the dark as to what’s in the Capital.

1880 years ago to now

  • Since total global war is forbidden the world has become a quiet political war of ideals and tactics hidden from direct view. The UDE still promotes Human Sciences over magic and uses non-humans as forced labor, while the Elvin Kingdoms promotes equality and progress though magical understanding. As a direct result to these ideological differences, the Dwarves who were long time allies of the Elves, who have little or no connection to magic and love science, have become a Socialist Nation separate from both the Elves and Human cultures. The Trolls and races of the Jungles south of the UDE who practice magic and have strong faiths in blood gods, reject everyone else and fiercely protect an independent culture. In the lands where the blast happened which started the war, nothing of the rich agricultural land remain, it has become a sandy wasteland of hot deserts, and monstrous creatures. Also these lands are the source of the recent but popular religion of the Wandering God known by many Names; all start with J. hence the term J-God religion.

Now the year 1880 since the Dragon Treaty

  • As adventurers enter this world it is 1880 AD (After Dragon) in a sense the world is just like our earths 1880, only because of magic and the cultural divides many things will still have a traditional fantasy feel.


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