Dwarven mountains

Only Dwarven races come from here, unless you’re a Viking in Asgard Island. The background is basically Socialism done Dwarven style. Think Communist Russia filled with Ironforge dwarves. Gnomes, Halflings and Kinder are related to Dwarves, and are held in high regard. Metal is your life.

As opposed to the Elvin Kingdoms, the Soviet Dwarves are a Socialist collective with a merit based parliament and King who is elected based on merit, the election cycle is every 10 years, so far one family has ruled based on merit now since the birth of modern communism. The chief laws of the land is all minerals and metals belong to all dwarves, and those who prove worthy of being called dwarf. Ironically they dwarves economy is based on direct trade of metal to Pali-Mall even though technically this is illegal.
Noted regions:

  • The Dwarven mountains : the source of over 50% of the world’s metals
  • Capitol city: Moskva
  • Asgard Island: A human state recognized as a part of the Union of Dwarven Socialist Republics- these are the only humans that dwarves treat as equals. Unlike much of the world, the land of Asgard Island is one large piece of iron, it has no natural soil, and some gnomes think this once was an asteroid which should have killed most life on the planet around 68 million years ago. Because of this the Northmen of Asgard Island regularly invade and collect supplies form coastal regions, along the eastern coastline.


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