Elvin kingdom

Classic DnD area nothing to different from what you would expect in a DnD campaign setting. Even though technically it is a continent sized Nation, it really is a confederacy of City states and regional systems, each City state has its own viewpoints and political ideology, the strength of the system is that the imperial Palace in the Holy Elvin city Makes and International Treaties dealing with trade, and Every City State sends Representatives to sit on the council of elders, the there are not a lot of Empire wide laws besides a System of Taxes which are collected in Churches, and anti-slavery laws which is the only thing which could cause the Majority of the City States to mobilize to crush an unlawful city state, this has happened 7 times in the last 2000 years, each time it was a local city state that tried to enslave it’s population in one way or another. Also Every City State in the Elvin Kingdoms considers itself an independent Kingdom under the protection of the Great Dragon Mother.

Major Cities –

  • The Holy Elvin City: The capital of the region, the city is built from a Dragon Bone Grave Yard. As a seat of power the Elves rule as a partial Theocratic Democracy where the king is elected by Elvin peers, the term of office is until death. The usually long lived Elves die usually after a few years in office.
  • Pali-Mall: One of the Largest Cities in the World, it is like London in 1300, however it has a population of over 5 million, and due to the Magic University and connections to the Main river Thyme, it is the region’s most important trade city, and is politically independent of most of the region. It has a dictator as its primary ruler, his official title is Patriarch, he is seemingly human, and has created a chaos guild political system, where the city is run by the guilds and the only taxes the city receives are taxes on guild memberships. Strangely the system is kept in perfect balance by the Patriarch and his role as the greatest assassin in modern history. If asked what his role in the city was, he will answer he is the Regent caretaker until the rightful Royal aire to the throne returns to rule the land.


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