You are exceptionally light on your feet and have a superb sense of balance.
Mechanics: You gain a +3 bonus on all Balance and Move Silently checks and are not flat-footed when you are balancing. Additionally, you may treat your weight as half of its actual value whenever beneficial to you (encumbering mounts, triggering traps, etc.) as long as you are conscious.
When you make Perform (Dance) checks, you may choose to add your Dexterity modifier to your checks instead of your Charisma modifier.


You are graceful, flexible, and acrobatic. You move with excellent coordination and complete difficult acrobatic maneuvers with relative ease.
Mechanics: You gain a +3 bonus on all Escape Artist and Tumble checks. In addition, you can use Tumble to move at your normal speed without penalty.


Your solid, broad build allows you to use tools and weapons that others would find unwieldy. While an enormous sword might pull someone
else off balance, you have the steady feet and powerful arms needed to use it properly.
Mechanics: You can wield weapons up to one size category larger than normal without penalty. You still suffer the normal penalties for weapons above that size and for smaller ones. For example, if you are Medium, you can use a Large weapon without penalty. However, you suffer the full penalties for a Medium creature using a Huge weapon; you do not act as a Large creature using a Huge weapon.
The benefits of this ability do not extend to shields. You cannot shield bash with larger shields than normal.


You are bigger and stronger than almost anyone you know. Though perhaps not an irresistible force, you aren’t far off being an immovable object, and your broad shoulders can support a heavy load.
Mechanics: Whenever you are subject to a size modifier or special size modifier for an opposed check or attack (such as a Combat Maneuver or
your Combat Maneuver Defense), you are treated as two sizes larger if doing so is advantageous. You are also treated as a creature of one size larger for the purposes of calculating your carrying loads.


You can overcome pain and injuries that would leave others in battered, defeated heaps.
Mechanics: As a standard action, you can heal a number of hit points, up to your Constitution score. You can use this ability as many times per day as you like, but the total points you recover cannot exceed your Constitution score in a single encounter.
Special: If you possess the Diehard feat, you may activate Resilient Toughness while disabled as a standard action.


Either from a regimen of tiny doses of poison or as a result of sheer determination and grit, you can fight off the ill effects of poison, disease, and similar ailments.
Mechanics: Whenever you are the recipient of a Heal check to treat poison or disease, the character performing the check gains a +4 bonus. Additionally, as a full-round action, you can spend vitality points to recover from ability damage (but not ability drain). It costs 5 vitality points to recover 1 point of ability damage to one ability score. You dig deep, fighting off whatever ails you, and press on.


You are stocky and compact. Your body might be bulkier than normal, but the added mass is
muscle and thick bones, not just flab. You resist damage better than others do.
Mechanics: You gain a +2 natural bonus to defense. If you already have natural armor, its bonus improves by 2 points.


Your natural pace of movement is greater than normal. You might have an uncommonly long stride or a scampering gait that eats up the ground, but whatever the cause, you often have to consciously slow yourself down lest you leave your companions behind.
Mechanics: You gain a +10 foot (2 square) bonus on your base speed.


Your body simply doesn’t know how to give up the fight to survive. Perhaps a lifetime of violence and bloodshed has conditioned it to endure the unendurable, or perhaps you were simply gifted with unnatural resistance to pain and injury, but you keep going where anyone else would collapse.
Mechanics: You gain a +3 bonus to all Fortitude saves. You also gain a number of bonus wound points at 1st level equal to your Constitution bonus. These bonus wound points apply in addition to those hit points you would normally receive for a high Constitution. Additionally you need only rest 5 rounds in order to recover vitality points, instead of the usual 10.


You have a natural talent for wielding a single, specific type of weapon such as a longsword or crossbow. From a young age, you demonstrated an advanced mastery of its use.
Mechanics: Select a single weapon – you feel so comfortable with your chosen weapon that it feels like an extension of your body, personality, and intellect. You may choose to have your Dexterity modify your attacks, damage, Combat Maneuvers, Combat Maneuver Defense, and base attack checks in place of your Strength with the bonded weapon; the ability’s bonus becomes your Strength bonus for these purposes. You still gain 1.5 times the ability’s bonus to damage when
using a two-handed weapon. You do not gain the bonus for Strength and your chosen ability when using your bonded weapon type. You gain the benefits of only one of them, and you may switch between the two as a free action.

Players Handbook


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