You have an uncanny ability to calm and befriend animals. Perhaps there is something in your scent that seems comforting to them, or perhaps the cause is completely unknown,
but domesticated animals fawn all over
you and even wild creatures might
come to your call. Somehow, you
have a knack for making an ill-
tempered bear leave you alone
or a vicious guard dog let you
Mechanics: You gain a +3 bonus to all Handle Animal checks and
to Ride checks.
When you encounter an animal, you can use a Handle Animal check to improve its attitude. This check is resolved in the same way as a Diplomacy check made to improve an intelligent creature’s attitude and requires a full-round action. You must be within 30 feet of an animal to use this ability, and the animal must be able to see and hear you.
An animal whose attitude is improved to Helpful may aid you for a short period of time. For instance, a wild horse might allow you to ride it, or a guard dog that saw you attacked might spring to your aid. An animal will not go against its existing loyalties (such as to its master, pack, or herd) to aid you, nor will it stay for longer than one minute for each rank you have in Handle Animal. It will flee immediately if it becomes injured. The GM has final say on how much aid an animal will give you, and for how long.


You have an uncanny ability to manipulate others, perhaps due to an alluring physical trait. Your eyes may be a strange color that captivates men and women, or you simply have a talent for twisting others around your finger.
Mechanics: When dealing with NPCs you can temporarily improve their attitude toward you by a greater degree than normal. When making a Diplomacy check, treat the target’s starting attitude as one level higher than it actually is. If your check is successful, the improved
disposition only lasts for a number of minutes equal to your Charisma score. After that time, it returns to the state it held before you made your Diplomacy check. If the NPC is now violent or otherwise more hostile than neutral, he remains there rather than returning to his original state.


Your mind is disordered and chaotic, leaping from one concept to another without any rhyme or reason that others can detect. Your actions and behavior may be eccentric, but your unusual cognitive processes also render you more resistant against mental attacks and evaluations.
Mechanics: You gain a +4 bonus to all saves against mind-affecting effects, and you are immune to any attack or effect that causes confusion. If you succeed on a saving throw against a compulsion effect, the caster must make a Will save (DC 10 + half your character level + your Cha modifier) or suffer from confusion for 1
round. Additionally, foes attempting to use Sense Motive or the feint combat option against you in combat suffer a -4 penalty to their check, as your motives and actions are too difficult to predict.


You might not be what most people think of as “clever,” but you have a knack for learning new things nonetheless. Even as seemingly more intelligent people struggle with a new concept, you intuitively understand what needs to be done.
Mechanics: Use your Wisdom ability modifier, rather than your Intelligence ability modifier, to calculate the number of languages you know at 1st level, as well as the bonus skill points you gain at each level (including 1st).


You have spent years studying a variety of topics, granting you a broad though not necessarily deep education.
Mechanics: You may make Knowledge skill checks on topics that you do not have currently have access to as though you had 1 rank in that type of Knowledge. If you have access to a particular field of knowledge, you may add your Intelligence modifier to the check as a bonus (effectively doubling your ability bonus).
Should you fail a Knowledge check, you can try again after eight hours of rest. As you relax, you might gain an insight into a half-forgotten lesson or an ancient text you once inspected.


You possess an uncanny ability to notice tiny details that others would miss, even if you do not actively seek them out.
Mechanics: The DM makes Spot, Search, and Sense Motive checks for you in secret whenever such a check would reveal a falsehood or hidden object or person. If the check succeeds, you learn that something is amiss. You must make another normal check yourself to determine the exact nature of the deception; the first check gives you only its general location or nature.
For example, if a woman in a disguise walked past you, you might notice that something is amiss about her dress or appearance.


You have an uncommon aptitude for a specific combat technique or field of lore.
Mechanics: Choose any one mastery feat, such as Cleave or Razor Fiend. When calculating your eligibility to take this feat, treat your related feat mastery as one higher than it actually is. If you would normally have no access to feats using this mastery, you are considered to have a mastery of 1 for the purposes of taking your chosen feat. Your maximum mastery rating in this feat is 10. Note that you get these bonuses only to your chosen feat, not to all feats of that mastery.
Special: You can choose to take this trait twice (but no more than twice). The second time you take it, you must choose a new feat.


Once you have decided on a course of action, your bullish tenacity and refusal to back down usually lead to success in the end. Nothing can deter you from your chosen course.
Mechanics: You may add your Charisma bonus (in addition to your Wisdom modifier) to your Will save bonus. In addition, once per day you may re-roll a skill check, pact check, channel energy check, attack roll, or saving throw. You must decide to take this re-roll immediately, before the results of the roll are revealed.


You have a natural talent for wielding a single, specific type of weapon such as a longsword or crossbow. From a young age, you demonstrated an advanced mastery of its use.
Mechanics: Select a single weapon – you feel so comfortable with your chosen weapon that it feels like an extension of your body, personality, and intellect. You may choose to have either your Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma modify your attacks, damage, Combat Maneuvers, Combat Maneuver Defense, and base attack checks in place of your Strength with the bonded weapon; the chosen
ability’s bonus becomes yourStrength bonus for these purposes. You still gain 1.5 times the ability’s bonus to damage when using a two-handed weapon.
You do not gain the bonus for Strength and your chosen ability when using your bonded weapon type. You gain the benefits of only one of them, and you may switch between the two as a free action.


You traveled far and wide from your childhood on, exposing you to a tremendous variety of cultures. You fit in even in strange social circumstances and have mastered a variety of dialects.
Mechanics: You enjoy a +2 bonus to Diplomacy and Knowledge checks and gain three bonus languages at proficiency 3.


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