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The Fantastic world of EtzChaim

A Dungeons and Dragons campaign setting

R.M. Widner and E. Levy

Background of the world

Anyone who has ever played D&D, AD&D, AD&D 2.5, DnD 3.0, DnD 3.5, and now DnD 4.0 usually has ideas of things they want to see in a game, however for me I wanted more than just a few things, back in 2nd ed. I was captivated by all the settings and all the options, which is my biggest complaint with later additions with the D20 system it opened up a lot of other games but they were not DnD. So started to create a whole new world with fresh limitations and over powered ideas that could be balanced out by harder quests and more viscous environments. I drew heavily from my four favorite campaign settings, Grey Hawk, Darksun, Ravenloft, and Spelljammer. Besides these classic settings I have also barrowed from several books that I truly love, Imajica by Clive Barker, Dark Tower by Steven King, Grunts by Mary Gentle, and many more.

The first draft of this world which was never played I made back in the mid nineties while working on motorcycles in Arizona, I had read a book which was a sword and sorcery set in a post apocalyptic world and in many ways I have always wanted to make a world that was post apocalyptic.

Several years later I met Eitan and we worked to create an MMO even though it failed I feel this world shares many of the features that world was going to have, the only difference is that world was thousands of years ahead on earth, this world was never Earth. The name of the world has special mean as well, it is taken from the Hebrew phrase Etz Chaim or Tree of life, for me this has always been an important philosophical concept, and if you look carefully in my world you will find it.

R.M. Widner

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