Mastery: 1–10
Descriptors: None
Mana: See improved Chart
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Medium (100 feet + 10 feet/illusion mastery level)
Target: Varies
Duration: See improved Chart
Saving Throw: Will vs Bluff (synergy applies)
Spell Resistance: Yes
Non-Targeted Spells

When using this mastery you are creating a hologram (think ST:Voyage the Doctor) with your spell, it looks 90% real but a skilled Person or Creature has a chance of dispelling the Phantom with a Will save against your Spell quality. If they save your phantom will no longer be able to harm the saved creature. IF they fail the save they can not tell the difference between the real Creature or the Hologram.

Number of Individual illusions Each Caster can control (Level+Mastery) number of Illusions, without extra casting and mana costs. Each additional Illusion will cost 1/2 the original cast to maintain. Multi-Space illusions which move and act as one being count as on Illusion.

Size: is the choice of how big the creature is or how many medium sized creatures you can make, note if you make them medium sized creatures they move as one creature and they must always be joined by squares. They also attack as one unit.

Reality: they always count as 100% real, but can be dispelled by target with a Will vs Bluff roll. this check can happen only once per target per combat. It is up to targeted creature to initiate this check. If they choose not to dispel the illusion it will have a slight ghost like quality.

You cannot choose an option with a mastery greater than your current illusion mastery rating.

Moderate Disaster: Your illusion turns back onto your mind and draws its inspiration from a dark, hidden part of your psyche. Your DM gains control of the illusion, which attacks creatures or otherwise acts at random. You must save as normal to disbelieve the illusion, as must your allies.

Major Disaster: While sculpting your illusion, the strange interplay of energies and the dark recesses of your subconscious mingle to create the stuff of your worst nightmares. No one else can see your illusion but you, and it takes on the form of (literally) your worst nightmare. The illusion attacks you. If it hits, you must make a Fortitude save with a Difficulty Class equal to the illusion’s save DC. If you fail, you fall unconscious from the shock and fear and cannot be roused for 2d6 minutes. You suffer no hit point damage.

Illusion phantom force

ILLUSION METHOD: Phantom Elements

Mastery: 1–10
Casting Time: One standard action
Saving Throw:
Spell Resistance: Yes
Non-Targeted Spell

With Phantom Elements You pick your Element as you pick your Mastery Level in this Spell.
You create a sphere of area effected by the chosen element in the location you choose based on the chart. All Creatures in the Effected Area are Effected by the chosen Element, as described in the Elements Chart. All creatures get a will * VS * bluff save, if they save they do not react to the area and are unaffected. You can inform your party of this illusion which gives them a plus 10 to save.

Illusion phantom elements
Illusion phantom elements element chart

Moderate Disaster: You become the center target of the spell, but you may save for half damage.

Major Disaster: As a moderate disaster, except no saving throws.


Mastery: 1–10
Descriptors: None
Mana: See Chart
Casting Time: One standard action
Range: Touch
Target: Creature touched
Duration: Up to One minute per illusion mastery level
Saving Throw: Will negates (harmless)
Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)
Targeted Spells/Non-targeted

The veil of trickery method allows you to create illusions that mask or alter a creature’s appearance. With it, you can shift your appearance, hide from view, or make it more difficult for enemies to notice you.

When you choose a veil of trickery spell, you must select a primary effect for it: Alter Features, Blurred Image, or Obscure Presence

Unlike other illusion methods, veil of trickery presents aspects that are contradictory, not complementary. They all provide the same basic function altering the target’s appearance to trick an observer but their specific effects differ radically.

Alter Features: With veil of trickery you change the appearance of the target to help it mimic another creature. The target gains a bonus to all Disguise checks. See Chart for you bonus to Disguise and the Base Mana Cost. This spell can be self targeted or any willing targeted creature. Any hostile action will break the effect, it will last until you break the effect, or do a hostile action.

Illusion veil alter

Blurred Image: This illusion creates a shimmering field of energy that makes it difficult for others to focus their vision on the target.

If you have untrained Hide in Shadows you may use Hide and Shadow as if trained with a 10+level hide in shadows check for the duration listed in the chart.If you have Hide in Shadows Trained the bonus is 7 added to your Hide in Shadows. You may use this even when there are no Shadows. Any action besides a move action will break the effect.

Illusion veil blurred

Obscure Presence: This aspect allows you to have an aura of belonging, Animals and people will assume you belong here, and will generally ignore you, even if you are being hunted by them. All creatures have a percent chance of noticing you in this state. See Chart for Mana and ignore chance. Any action besides a move action will break the effect, it will last until you break the effect.

Illusion veil obscure

Displacement You create a Duplicate of your self that is slightly off center of where you really are, you gain an additional miss-chance to any hostile attacks. This mischance counts as a negative modifier to any to hit roll made at you. It is 2*Mastery Level.
Illusion veil displace

Moderate Disaster: The energy of this spell rebounds against the planar currents and targets a random creature within 100 feet of your target.

Major Disaster: The deceptive magic of this spell twists, turns, and flows back to you. Every creature you see gains the benefits of the illusion you sought to create. For example, if you used alter features, you make a Disguise check for every creature you see.

*Note: Talking counts as an action. However, Sleep Does not.

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