Guilds and Other Groups

Organizations that Exist around the World

Caledonian Red Wizards Party
The Political Wing of the UDE, Technically there are other Political Parties, but the CRW is the Emperors Party.

The Underground Postal Service and the Almighty Resisty
The Underground Railroad in the UDE, they are also the most infamous Terrorist organization on the Planet.

Orc Service Military Corps
No one knows how they Started, but the finest fighting force on the Planet, they are a Private Military who sells there services to the most worthy causes, they are literally the Knights in shiny green Armor. And they are all the Biggest Meanest Orcs on the planet, they are also some of the nicest people as well. They also Maintain the Devil Pups which is an International Guild of Warriors and Mercenaries. They do have a lot of rules for membership, however they provide training and starting gear for a percentage of Earnings.

Gnomish Savings and Loan
There are many banks, but none are larger and have more branches.

the Holy Order of Knights who are not so Holy or Orderly
The Thieves Guild also one of the largest Children’s Charities on the planet.

Equal Rights for thespians, bards, and other men in tights
If you are an Entertainer, this is your guild.

Order of Elvin Mages
The Ruling Party of the Elvish Kingdoms

Hammersmith Society
This is a Mining Venture and Archeological society made up of Dwarves, Technically they are not a Political Party. However All the important Dwarves are members.

McNambers Bar and Grill
A food chain and Bars found all across the Planet, try the Corn Dogs, and the Bloomin onions. (the Assassins Guild)

the Church of the Any God
These are Essentially wedding chapels however, they are also found all over the world in the most random locations. (Information Brokers)

Institute of the Sciences and Lost Knowledge
They are a group of Mages who research Magic and artifacts of the Ancient World, They can be found doing some of the strangest things at time, and are generally good for adventures trying to sell found treasures. (Technomage Union)

Sacred Order of Protectors and Law Enforcement
This is the Gunslingers Guild

Our Prestigious Order of Arcane Research and Discussion
worldwide wizard university

Players Handbook

Guilds and Other Groups

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