In Iron Heroes, there are two types of feats: general feats and mastery feats. Mastery feats are broken down into categories and have strict guidelines as to who can take them. On the other hand, general feats are available to almost anyone who wants to select them.


All characters start out with two feats at 1st level. These feats can be general feats, mastery feats, or one of each. When selecting feats, make sure to refer back to the feat suggestions for your class in Chapter Four.
Characters gain a new feat when they reach each new even-numbered level. Some classes also earn bonus feats.


The general feats represent abilities that fall into one of two categories. Either they exist outside of one of the mastery feat categories, or else they are simple and straightforward enough that almost anyone can master them.

Unlike the mastery feats, some general feats have prerequisites. A character must have the listed prerequisite minimum ability score, feat, skill, or base attack bonus in order to select or use that feat. Characters can gain a feat at the same level at which they gain the prerequisite. Unless otherwise noted, a prerequisite listed in this chapter is the minimum ability score, caster level, base attack bonus, etc., required to gain the feat. Characters can’t use a feat if they have lost a prerequisite.

Most commoners have access only to the general feats, as do all of the NPC classes save the warrior.

The format used in the feat descriptions below includes the feat name and type, followed by any prerequisites it may require and details of the benefit it provides. Some feats also include a short note explaining the limits or restrictions fac- ing a normal character (one without the feat). Any special notes about the feat’s use round out the description. If the feat does not have a prerequisite, normal condition, or special notes, those sections are absent.

This section presents some two dozen feats for you to choose from. They are available to all characters who meet the prerequisites (if any).

List of General Feats


The mastery feats represent advanced training and adherence to a particular school or method of fighting. Only truly dedicated, elite adventurers can master them.
Feats in Iron Heroes are designed to offer characters a wide range of choices. Many mastery feats include up to nine expanded options that improve the feat’s basic benefit. As you progress in level, you can spend your feat selections on new feats or master the ones you already have by taking more expanded abilities. This rule makes it possible for you to focus on one specific talent or spread your training over a wide range of areas. Once you take a base mastery feat, its expansion options become available automatically as you gain levels.


Iron Heroes’ mastery feats break down into the eight categories listed below. Characters gain access to feat categories through their classes; see the class descriptions in Chapter Four. A feat can belong to more than one category.

Armor Mastery: These feats cover the use of armor and other protective gear. They allow you to improve the benefits you gain from armor and shields.

Defense Mastery: Defense feats develop your speed, agility, and ability to avoid attacks.

Finesse Mastery: This fighting style emphasizes speed over power. A finesse fighter knows that she can land a hit if she is too quick for her opponent to make an effective parry or block. These warriors tend to value precision over brute force.

Lore Mastery: Lore feats represent intricate, complex training that few master. The ability to create poisons is covered by a Lore feat.

Power Mastery: This fighting style places raw hitting power over all other concerns. A power fighter would rather land one devastating blow than a dozen light ones.

Projectile Mastery: Archers, snipers, and others who prefer ranged weapons favor these feats. They enhance your talents with ranged fighting.

Social Mastery: The Social feats allow you to influence others, bending them to your will through your power of personality.

Tactics Mastery: The Tactics feats allow you to take advantage of your surroundings, coordinate your allies’ efforts, or lure your enemies into making a mistake.

Caster Mastery New work in progress.

In order to take a feat, you must meet the base mastery rating requirement listed in its description. Characters gain mastery ratings in various feat categories based on their class. You can find your mastery ratings for the various categories open to you in your class table.

The mastery feats list expanded mastery abilities and the mastery ratings required to select them. Instead of taking a new feat, you can spend a feat selection to gain one of your established feat’s listed mastery abilities, as long as you have the required mastery rating or higher (according to your class table). You must have the base feat before you can take its expanded mastery abilities. Unless otherwise noted, you do not have to take the expanded mastery abilities in order. You could take a higher-rated mastery ability before taking a lower one – or not take the lower one at all. You cannot take a given expanded mastery ability more than once, unless otherwise noted.

Some feats or their expanded mastery features grant you the ability to gain and spend tokens, just like certain class abilities. This way, even characters whose classes do not grant them tokens have a way to earn them to enjoy the flexibility of the benefits they can grant. As with class-granted token pools, characters accumulate feat-granted token pools by following the tactics epitomized by a given feat. They can then spend these tokens to activate some of the feat’s expanded mastery abilities.


The mastery feats are presented using the same format as the general feats, save for the following differences:

  • They start with some introductory text to explain the feat’s effect.
  • They list the mastery rating required to gain the base feat.
  • Their prerequisites (if any) are based on equipment and expanded mastery abilities. The prerequisite entry lists the sort of weapons you must wield to gain the feat’s benefits.
  • They feature a section on expanded mastery abilities. You can spend additional feat selections as you gain levels to improve your feats, as described above.

The Magic System is in the Spell Book Due to changes Most of the Spellbook will be placed as Caster required Feat Masteries, as a means of adding uniformity to the rules.

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