All Enhancement Masteries count as Non-Targeted Spells

Enhancement Mastery:

Mastery: 1–10
Descriptors: Special
Mana: See table
Casting Time: See table
Range: Touch
Effect: A single non-magical item
Duration: see table
Saving Throw: No
Spell Resistance: No

With this spell, you enhance a single object within the limits defined by your mastery.
A enhanced object can be crafted from any object which does not yet have an enhancement on it.
You cannot choose an option with a mastery level greater than your current Enhancement mastery rating. Refer to the Enhancement table below.

Mana Cost: This tree is special Since these rituals take most of your mana for a given time. So depending on the length of time it is the DM who will devise the checks to insure you put the necessary mana in to the item.

Moderate Disaster: the object is rendered useless.

Major Disaster: The object becomes a cursed item, the GM will have your roll on a table for what the curse is.

Enhancement Table

Mastery Level Item Bonus bonus unlock Casting Duration Item Enhancement lasts
1 1 1 hour 1 Combat Encounters
2 2 3 hours 2 Combat Encounters
3 3 9 Hours 3 Combat Encounters
4 1 Ice 18 hours 5 Combat Encounters
5 2 Fire 36 Hours 10 Combat Encounters
6 3 Lighting 2 days 15 Combat Encounters
7 4 Acid 3 Days 20 Combat Encounters
8 5 Psychic 4 days 25 Combat Encounters
9 6 Necrotic 1 week Permanent
10 7+ Intelligent 1 month to a year Permanent

Once you unlock a Bonus type apply these traits to any new advancements in mastery level.

Bonus Damage types:

Ice: it also adds * This weapon does +(Mastery Level) cold damage and on a critical slows the target by half until saved.

Fire: it also adds * This weapon does +(Mastery Level) Fire damage and on a criticals it adds a d4 damage per turn savable damage.

Lighting: it also adds * This weapon does +(Mastery Level) electrical damage and on a critical the electricity jumps to the nearest enemy within bonus level squares and repeats damage.

Acid: it also adds * This weapon does +(Mastery Level) acid damage and on a critical destroys armor reducing the Armor Class by bonus level this effect can not go below 0.

Psychic: it also adds * This weapon does +(Mastery Level) Psychic damage and on a critical causes the target to loose the will to fight.

Necrotic: it also adds * This weapon does +(Mastery Level) Necrotic damage and on a critical add a death touch which kills the target unless saved, this effect can not kill a creature with double hit dice to the wielder, but will render it unconscious.

Intelligent: This object become intelligent, depending on the DM and the situation of the weapons creation will determin it’s properties and personality.

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