All Conjuration Masteries count as Non-Targeted Spells.


Mastery: 1–10
Descriptors: Special
Mana: See below
Casting Time: 10 rounds
Range: Short (25 feet + 5 feet/2 conjuration mastery levels)
Effect: A single object
Duration: 1 +conjuration mastery level hours(D)
Saving Throw: No
Spell Resistance: No

With this spell, you create a single creature or object within the limits defined by your mastery. A creature conjured in this manner obeys your mental commands as long as you have line of sight to it. If you lose sight of it, the conjured creature continues to fulfill your last command.

A created object can be crafted from any material of up to the hardness listed on the table below. Generally, an object created from a valuable material is worth an amount equal to the mastery level used to create it times 20 gp, though an Appraise check (DC 10 + your conjuration mastery) reveals it as a magical, temporary item.

When creating a creature, choose it from a published source of creatures that your DM approves. You cannot normally invent your own creatures based on the Hit Dice allowed by your conjuration mastery rating.

To determine the mana cost of this spell, figure the minimum mastery needed for each element of your intended creation (material and size or creature type and HD). The spell’s cost in mana equals the highest mastery level required for an element + half of all the other necessary mastery levels.

You can create multiple objects or creatures at once. Pay the full mana cost of the most expensive creature or object and half the mana cost for each additional one.

You cannot choose an option with a mastery level greater than your current conjuration mastery rating. Refer to the Conjuring Creatures & Objects table below.

Moderate Disaster: A created object is twisted, wrecked, and useless; a creature forms in a disgusting bag of protoplasm. You spend the needed mana, but the creation is use- less and disintegrates.

Major Disaster: The object or creature attacks you (and only you) to the best of its abilities. If you create an object, use the highest mastery level of the various elements that make it up to determine its Hit Dice, and the next highest mastery to determine its creature type. The DM selects a creature that fits the given limits, but it takes the form of a twisted, bizarre, living version of the object you tried to create.

Conjuring Creatures & Objects Table


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