Characters in Iron Heroes need more experience points (XP) to gain a level than their counterparts in other games. The table below summarizes the experience point values needed to gain each new level in Iron Heroes.



“Class level” refers to the number of levels a character has in a single class. For single-classed characters, class level is the same as character level. For multiclassed characters, character level is the total of all the levels the character has in various classes. For example, a 7th-level ranger has seven class levels of ranger and a character level of 7th. A 5th-level Specialist/3rd-level Ranger has five class levels in specialist and three in ranger, but a character level of 8th.

In the class descriptions in this chapter, “level” refers to class level (that is, the number of levels a character has in that specific class) unless it specifically says character level, in which case it means total levels in all classes.

The only classes that will be available are:

Martial Classes





Driven by raw fury, the berserker cleaves through his enemies with a combination of heavy weapons, powerful strength, and an endless well of fury. The berserker epitomizes the idea that the best defense is a good offense.
This character overcomes his enemies by hammering them with powerful blows. His defenses are almost nonexistent, but his emotional fury and relentless fighting style allow him to ignore wounds that would leave other warriors mere crumpled lumps of agony.

Caster Classes


Few men and women are willing to pursue magical training. The dangers in studying arcane lore are many, yet the allure of power remains an irresistible siren’s call to enough seekers to keep the magical traditions alive. Arcanists see their spells as weapons of last resort. They focus on using complex, though limited, formulas to channel energy with relatively low risk.

Aside from their magic, arcanists possess many useful talents. For one, they excel in areas of lore. They must study various fields to master the theoretical and practical aspects of magic. They also learn to use their magic as a social tool, for the mere threat of unleashing a spell is often enough to compel obedience—or at least a friendly demeanor—from others.

Players Handbook


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