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Pick two Academia, Mysticism, Social, or Theatrics

Skill Points at 1st Level: (8 + Intelligence modifier) × 4
Skill Points at Each Additional Level: 8 + Intelligence modifier
Hit Die: 1d4+4 + Constitution


All Classes have the Choice of Feat Masteries or Class Feats every level; this is no different for an Arcanist, although they have the ability to choose Spells instead of Feats.

Choice 1 this can be either Combat Spells or Ritual Spells

Choice 2 can be either Ritual Spells or Finesse, Power, Social, or Tactical masteries.

Choice 3 can be Either Combat or Ritual Spells.

As an Arcanist you have automatic qualifications for all spell feats in the spellbook. But you can only learn a maximum of 3 spell mastery trees.

Arcanist table new


The Pen is mightier than the Sword to an Arcanist, they get no weapon proficiencies. Also the Arcanist looses full Starting Mana Pool equal to the Armor Class check penalty of Armor worn.
At the same time as a basic attack all Arcanists gain Magic Missile as a basic attack type.

Magic Missile: The basic attack for an Arcanist, it has a range of 60 feet or can be used as a touch attack, roll normally to hit based on Range or Melee it does 1d4+intelligence damage. (Combat Spell, 120 feet or touch, 0 Mana, 1d4+level, Arcane damage type)

Token Pool, the Arcanist Mana Pool

For an Arcanist the Starting Mana is important it is determined as int modifier + level.
The maximum Mana anyone can have is (int+level)x2.

In addition to your Starting Mana Pool the Arcanist can try and regenerate additional mana. To do so, you make a SpellCraft check as a free, move, standard, or full-round action. Your check gains modifiers based on how long you spend on it.

Action Spent SpellCraft Modifier
Free -10
Move -5
Standard 0
Full Round +5

You gain a Mana based on the result of your SpellCraft check, as shown on the table below.

SpellCraft Check Mana Gained
Less Than 12 0
13-14 1
15-16 2
17-19 3
20-24 4
25-29 5
30-34 6
35-49 7
40-44 8
45-49 9
50+ 10


As an ‘Arcanist’ choose your primary Kit, you cannot multi-class to choose more than one Kit.

Mage: As a Mage you are focused on combat casting, and damaging spells, gain +1 BAB every 4 Arcanist levels with combat spells.

Cleric: Clerics wield the power of faith into battle as such they gain light Armor and Simple Weapon proficiencies, they loose ½ the total mana, but armor no longer effects casting.

Psionicist: As a Psion they do not cast spells, instead the power of the mind can temporarily alter reality in their favor. They gain the ability to always cast any rank 1 spell, even if it is not one of their masteries.

Controller: Is not focused on Damaging Spells, but instead focus on battle field tactics, they gain one Tactics mastery at level one for free. And if they choose Tactics Mastery as Choice 2, it always counts as one rank higher.

Arcanist Feat Tree

Combat Casting: This counts as a combat Stance, only one combat stance may be active at a time. Whenever an opponent uses ability against you that you can oppose with a base attack check, you may spend 2 Mana as a reaction in order to use a Concentration check in place of that base attack check. You must decide whether or not to spend Mana before making the check.

Composure: This counts as a combat Stance, only one combat stance may be active at a time. Your strength of concentration means you can work effectively even under the greatest pressure. Spend 2 Mana and choose a Non-Combat Spell. You may take 10 on all checks with this Spell, even if threatened or distracted, until the beginning of your next turn.

Mind over Matter: Requirement: Level 2 Combat Casting and Composure.
An Arcanist mind is not easily distracted; you Add to your SpellCraft Checks Wisdom bonus, or Charisma bonus (Spellcraft + Wis or Cha)

Arcanist Attack: Requirement: level 4 & Combat Casting, must be in Combat Casting to use.
As an Arcanist, when you commit to an all out attack, you can tap in to your raw arcane energy to fuel your magic attacks. When you make a full attack action, you can spend 2 Mana to gain an additional Magic Missile attack against your opponent at your highest base attack bonus. This additional attack and all others you attempt until your next turn suffer a –4 penalty.

Need A level 4 Composure ability…

Arcane Power: Requirement: level 10 & Composure, must be in Composure to use.
When you have taken Damage you can show your enemies the true power of an Arcanist. If you have taken damage before your turn, You can spend additional Mana to overcharge an attack, each mana you spend grants you a +2 bonus to your damage roll for one attack. You must choose whether or not to spend this Mana before making the attack roll. The number of Mana you can spend on one Arcane Power cannot exceed your Arcanist class level.

Arcanist Defense: Requirement: Level 10 & Arcanist Attack, must be in Combat Casting to use.
You focus all your attention on avoiding the blows of your enemy. You may activate this ability as a reaction to an enemy’s attacks, for every 2 Mana you spend, you gain a +1 active bonus to Defense against that opponent’s attacks until the beginning of your next turn. You can spend Mana on multiple enemies if you wish. You gain benefits against each enemy based on the number of tokens you spend against them.

Insightful Casting: Requirement: Level 14 & Arcane power, must be in Composure to use.
Your keenly focused mind allows you to exploit any weakness in your opponent’s defense, no matter how small. Spend two mana to gain a +1 bonus to your attack roll for one attack. You must choose whether or not to spend this Mana before making the attack roll. Your attack bonus from insightful casting cannot exceed your Arcanist class level.

The Undying Caster: Requirement: Level 14 & Arcanist Defense, must be in Combat Casting to use.
Your Magic keeps you conscience when others would fall. If your hit points are below 0, you may spend 2 Mana to remain conscious. (You may spend this Mana as a reaction) You are treated as staggered, rather than dying or at death’s door, until the end of your next turn. At the end of that turn, you may spend another 2 Mana to remain conscious if you wish. If you do not spend Mana, you immediately fall unconscious. You must still make Fortitude saving throws for being at death’s door as normal, even if you are using this ability to remain conscious. You make these saving throws at the end of your turn each round.

Master Caster: Requirement: Level 18 & Undying Caster or Insightful Casting; must be in Combat Casting or Composure to use.
An Arsonist’s experience makes her capable of great feats of skill. Each time you Use this ability, choose one Spell. If you spend 1 full round concentrating before attempting a check with this Spell, you gain a bonus on the hit check. The bonus is (1/2 level rounded down)

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