Sauvage (sang lune de loup) D'Lyoncourt

Rich Werewolf from the worlds version of New Orleans


Human/half form stats
Strength 16
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 21
Wisdom 12
Charisma 116

+4 to checks vs poison/similar from background

HP 12, 3 wound 8 vitality

Movement 30 feet 6 squares

6 shooter pierce crit x3
Kukri crit 18-20 x1
Punch Dagger x1
Dagger x1
Light crossbow 19-20 x1
Battleaxe x2
Battleaxe x2
Warhammer x2

Access to Bite, Claw, Claw in half form 1d4 per, use as power attacks. Can still wield weapons on half form.

+5 on Survival from campaign trait
Dark vision in half form.

Wolf Form
Strength 16
Dexterity 17
Constitution 14
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 12
Charisma 12

+4 to checks vs poison/similar from background

HP 12, 3 wound 8 vitality

movement 60 feet 12 squares

Bite, Claw, Claw 1d4 per, use as power attacks.
+4 to survival/spot from scent

Starting gear
Flask (Bourbon)
Flask (Absinthe)
Rope Hempen 100ft
Plain Clothes
Theives tools
Ammo (50)
Crossbow bolts (20)


Sauvage (sang lune de loup) Lyoncourt:

Grew up in Etz Chaim’s version of New Orleans(need city name for edit). His father is a rich bastard of a Duke(highest rank not in charge of the city itself), who beats his slaves and is involved in all things illegal in the city. He never took much interest in Sauvage unless he had some use for him.

Sauvage spent most of his time with his uncle a Duke of equal rank, but a staunch abolitionist. All nobles own slaves, but his uncle releases them when legally required or sooner and educates their children. He advocates in the political world for gradual abolition. He helped educate his nephew(Sauvage), though for the most part Sauvage wanted adventures and parties.

Sauvage’s life changed when he was 14, while out on an adventure in the bayou looking for buried pirate treasure, he ran into pirates. His friends were badly injured or killed. Everyone thought Savage had died as well. A little over two years later he returned as a werewolf, and had a new found respect for his uncles abolition work. He has subsequently bought an onix control torc with blood red pears caps. The control torc helps prevents him from becoming feral at the full moons or when his anger or spells get the better of him.

He maintains his carefree party animal ways, cavorting around town, getting into general trouble. Not having to work, but taking jobs or projects that interest him. All the while learning more about politics from his Uncle, and bumping heads with his father. He has also developed a secret life, one in which his friends find him conspicuously missing from various social gatherings that he shouldn’t miss.

Sauvage is a ladies man, but there are one or two women who alwayse seem to return in his life. The standard “she is too good for Sauvage, in his mind”. The other is the wild dangerous woman and everything ends up pear shaped when she comes to town.

Sauvage (sang lune de loup) D'Lyoncourt

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