Etz Chaim

Simple Truths

1. Enter sidewalk coffee shop

“These people know nothing of the trials and tribulations I had to go through, I have forgotten more mysteries and more ground breaking truths than these simpletons have ever known.“ The killer wrote in the journal. While waiting at the coffee shop.“The Arcane forces at work will revolutionize the world.”

Across from the killer a woman leaves a Bank, “finally” the killer thinks. The killers gloved hands proceed to close the journal, the killer stands up, and looks at a the window to the coffee shop, there is no reflection.

2. Sometime later at the same Coffee Shop

“Dam it” a police investigator yells as he broke his trance. “Nothing absolutely nothing, yes he was here drinking a coffee, but no reflection, and gloved hands. Hell I don’t know if he’s a guy, a girl or a dammed bugbear.”

“Well did you get anything we can use?” another investigator asked the divination specialist.
“Sort of, he keeps a journal so when we catch him…or her or it, we will know it’s the right guy.”

“That’s a start, I’m just glad you were available for this, I know how busy Pali-Mall can be.” The lead investigator of Keels Rest stated.

“Well you know this guy is already popular with the News Papers, their calling him ‘The Blast Killer’ one death by exploding body every night for a week.”

“Well I can guess one thing for certain; he’s got protection form divination up. So the best I can do is watch for someone seeing him before hand, only so far it’s dropped twice, this journal entry and the first night with the dog. Sadly the dog was only interested in looking for the meat smells and never actually looks at the guy. Now if our werewolf officers weren’t so busing with the slayer war, we would have no trouble finding him…or her.”

3. Back to the same day with the killer

It was a Sunset the killer fallowed the woman as she walked home from the bank, it wasn’t a busy time of day. Being a Monday most people would either be home already complaining about the day or busy still at work. She was normal looking possibly half-elf but the human feature had a mellowing effect making her look overly plain, with the way she tied her hair behind her head she had a permanent frown etched in her eyes. The killer was sure that Justice would find her tonight. The killer knew the machine wouldn’t spare her. So far only a dog was spared, of the hundred animals, and the guy who broke in to the laboratory, he was sure it would kill her but fate had to make the choice the killer knew only fate would decide.

4. In a darkened Laboratory

Looking around the woman was scared, she was sitting in a glass cage on a metal platform, threre was a person in the darkness looking at her, but hidden so no features could be seen. She started to panic looking for a way out, “let me go” she screamed. The figure then tossed a document at her; it landed in such a way she could read the cover. It was a loan request document with her stamp of ‘denied’ on the page. “But I can reverse that, I can approve you just let me out!”

Out from the center of the platform a strange disembodied voice of a woman who spoke perfect common said “Emergency departure activation please standby you will feel a slight sting as you are sent to a safe zone.” The voice said.

“Mame, please let me out of here, why would I want to go to a safe zone? Plea-zzzzzzzz” she said as a loud static charge filled the platform area, where the woman stood now an assembly of electricity in the shape of the woman stood, and in an instant the electricity flared into bright light and in a zip of sound she was gone, the platform was empty.

5. Some time later The Sunken Ship Tavern

At Sunken Ship Tavern a group of adventures sitting over a nice meal and good ale heard the sound of thunder with the pop at the end, the Blast Killer has struck again.


Known Clues, besides this story which is not really common knowledge.

Each night for two weeks come next Saturday there will be a Thunder Pop explosion, at first the explosions were a few animals, the location they blow up is usually a mile out side of the eastern wall of the town, the location is always the same. Only one survivor, its a dog that went missing 3 weeks ago. the Thunder sound travels from the center of town to the location out side of town.

The dead are as fallows:

Retired Ships captain Bruno T. Global, a known adventurer and eccentric.
Lester Joseph Gillis, a known thief and bugler.
Morgan Joan Pierpont, investment Banker
Andwolf Fordwängler, Archaeologist
Dick Broadsword, Rich guy & playboy
Alexsei Grigorievich Stakhanov, dwarven miner
Jean B. Biot, Instructor at the Mages college, known for advanced mathematics.
Doohan “Snooty” Montgomery, Gnomish Engineer
Masa hiro Hotta, Kirinese Mage and notated for ideas on quantum arcanism.
Tom Steams Eliot, a play-write and author

Simple Truths
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