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Martian Rock Monster

Well took me a little bit to work this out. So bare with me as I am basing my write up here on an Outline of events.

Included in the file is a document giving your characters permission to investigate the murders, and possible connected events.

Included are News Papers, besides the story of the Murders in Keels Rest and the speculations, each included news paper has the fallowing local news.

2 weeks ago:

Dwarven Mountains Debate

Debate in the Malletburrow over whether or not to ease restrictions on trade to the Elvin Cities. Currently the law requires only a Dwarf can buy and Sell Dwarven Steel, the issue is much of the Trade is to Dwarves not of Soviet birth who live in the Elvin Kingdoms; they in turn sell to everyone else. The Conservatives want to press formal charges against Non-soviet Dwarves for selling Steel to non-dwarves. Meanwhile the liberals want to lift the ban on trade all together.

Potato Power

Brisbane Oscarcut has invented a means to extract arcane energy from a Potato, he plans to use potatoes as a new renewable energy source for mages.

Museum Robbery

The Royal Museum of Pali-Mall was broken in to. The Security guard was cleaved in two.
Stolen items:
Painting of the EMO Lisa, Ancient painting of the Mythical Dragon Queen, A statue of Vilma DeMasclula (considered the most beautiful example of a Dwarven Woman ever carved.) A bunch of ancient Dwarven weapons.

Pictures of stolen items:
Mona lisa 7
1280x720 giant dragon and ship

Week and a half ago:

Cave in under City
The main access tunnel to the ancient system was demolished in an explosion, at the time it is believed to be an accident, 20 workers suffered injuries from dust and debris.

Dwarves Deadlocked
Dwarven Malletburrow members are dead locked on the issues, have called for a tournament to decide who is correct, bookies are giving the conservatives a slight lead at 16/20 odd of winning.

UDE embarrassed
UDE members deign any involvement in the recent events that happened outside of the port town of Keels Rest, they assure the world they would never condone such activities.

Auzzies discover new use of stale beer, if boiled with equal portions of salt; it becomes a paste usable as a bread topping.

1 week ago:

Survey team is killed in the old sewer access tunnel.
3 Dwarves, 2 Gnomes, an Orc Security Guard.
The Orc was beheaded before he drew his weapon, the gnomes were ripped apart as if my a wild animal, One Dwarf was stabbed in the back, he was in the front of the group, another Dwarf was squashed by something heavy, and the final Dwarf was poisoned. Time of death for all 6 was near instantaneously.

Air Pirates
The Airship taking the UDE Consulate from Keels Rest to the Holy City has vanished without a trace, it is believed that Air Pirates may have attacked the ship, Insurance company representatives believe it is a total loss.
Skypirates 1612

5 days ago:

Guild Fire
The Dwarven Miners Guild was burned to the ground; fortunately all the Dwarves were busy at the ‘Oxen Ho’ pub having a late dinner.

Second Airship disaster in less than a Month, mysteriously an Air Ship enroot from Pali-Mall to the Capital of the Soviet Dwarven Republic exploded, it is believed that someone was smoking near the Hydrogen Bladders.
Tumblr m4agvafwa r1ru8nnoo1 1280

Perfection in meat
Recipe for a summer treat, Bacon Wrapped sausages over onions.

1 day ago:

The Giant Rock Monster from Mars Strikes Again!!
A string of robberies happened in the Market District. The thieves took:
Plant soil enriched for better growth, 200 chickens, feed for 200 chickens for a month, 100gallons of kerosene, 400lbs Water treatment powder, 300lbs water softener, 200lbs Salt, 300 mechanical alarm clocks.
The only clue is a rumor of a strange Monster it is crystalline in form about 12 feet tall, and has a deep Amethyst glow. It has been dubbed “The Giant Rock Monster from Mars”


“That’s it?”
Murders stopped in keels rest, Heroes stop man scientist. Massive Beauty quoted it was too easy “That’s it?”


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