Etz Chaim

In the Dark Wine Cellar of Doom

The party slowly tore though the Zombies in the Wine Cellar of the Brewery Inn.

that was 17 level 1 Zombies, smashed, 1 Bard freed, and a Displacer Kitty made friends.

Each Zombie was 150xp this time since the Party leveled up, lowering the Challenge Rating. The Displacer Beast had XP but since it wasn’t a fight but a side story completion it had only 700 xp attributed to it.

Making the total group XP 3250, that divided by four was 812.5 going to round up to be nice 813, total XP.

Later this week the Story, clues, rewards, and other information will be posted to the Log.

For now add up the XP, let me know if anyone leved ect.


We should all be at 2913, unless someone got bonus XP that I don’t know about(entirely possible). Next level is 3,300, and will include an ability point to be spent anywhere we choose.

In the Dark Wine Cellar of Doom
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