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Day One Recap

Day one

May 11 (will create better names for the months a later point.)

The party meets for the first time. At the Sunken Ship Tavern, keels Rest, Elvin Kingdoms.

Sara(sp) a Hardcore partier and a bit of a beserker was drinking fairly heavily and almost bought the last alcohol in town.

Savage a young noble from the UDE, and a werewolf, bought the last drop of alcohol when entering in the town.

Xanthos (sp) a young well learned mage and maker of ghosts, who looking for adventure fallowed along with the other two, who wanted more alcohol.

One the uneventful forty mile walk from town to the brewery the party camped at the edge of the forest. Late at night 3 pirates came screaming out of the darkness, only to be killed by the party as the pirates became zombies.

The next morning, the party rested until the mage healed up because in the lateness of night when danger was approaching he had to wake Sara who clobbered him with a burning log.

After everyone was ready, the party walked to the brewery roadway, while arguing who should take the middle the Mage and the werewolf where surrounded by Zombies who where being concealed by magic. The mage took the brunt of the first attacks, and was knocked out. Meanwhile the berserking partier seeing her goal of unlimited beer tore through zombies and Skeletons, not to be out classed the werewolf went on a killing rampage to match Sara. During the killing spree a woman with dark hair flew off in a Gyrocopter towards town.

Once the undead had been cleared Savage and Sara stuffed Xanthos in a wood shed and preceded to the inn adjacent to the Brewery. While they were on another killing spree, a mysterious benefactor healed the mage, and he joined in the festivities a bit more carefully.

Once the undead on the ground floor of the inn had been taken care of, and before the party checked for any additional dangers, they proceeded to start drinking the nice hefeweizen, that the brewery produces and had on tap in the inn.

XP for day one

18 Zombies and skeletons, 3 undead pirates. or 21 undead. Each worth 300 points.

making it 6300 split 3 ways, or 2100xp each.


Since most of the real valuables are in the next part, you only find a woman’s Day bag with some food and a change of clothing upstairs. Only about $100(gold value bills. ie paper money) can be found most of which is scattered on the floor behind the bar.

Near the bar you also find a old beat up shot gun and a box of shot gun ammunition. The gun is badly damaged, might have been a chew toy for a zombie, or worse.


I think you forgot the best loot, some very good ale :)

Day One Recap


Day One Recap

I finished the first serialization of our adventure. I left place holders for Sara, and Xanthos’ back stories. I have it going Sauvage, Xanthos, Sara because it seemed to make sense to start with the character traveling the furthest and ending with the character waking up in the tavern.

I added some more dialogue that I felt suited the characters to make the story seem more full. I also added more zombies, for D&D it was a fun adventure, but a novel needs more bad guys to draw out the battles or it all becomes dialogue and one paragraph of fighting.

Let me know if you’d like to see changes in style going forward, or if I got the voice/tone of your characters wrong.

Day One Recap

I forgot to add the link.

Day One Recap
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